Two-year-old (born 9/2/19-9/1/20) children will gain experience in a classroom setting with other children and age-appropriate teacher instruction. The children will: 

  • Have opportunities to separate from their parents in carefully orchestrated situations
  • Gain comfort in classroom structure and behaviors
  • Interact socially with other children their age
  • Have the opportunity to share, take turns and express themselves
  • Experience gentle instruction from a qualified teacher
  • Be exposed to books and language through story
  • Learn a variety of songs and finger play activities
  • Have opportunities to create simple craft projects
  •  Meet important developmental milestones, , such as learning colors, body parts, spatial relationships, and shapes 


Three year old children (born 9/2/18-9/1/19) will gain independence and confidence, develop peer socialization skills, and be exposed to a variety of literacy and concept awareness activities. The children will:

  • Continue to gain independence in separating from their parents
  • Engage in cooperative learning and play activities
  • Learn to recognize their written name
  • Develop fine motor skills through various activities such as tracing, puzzles, manipulatives and daily art projects
  • Build their vocabulary through finger play, songs, stories, circle time discussions, sharing and dramatic play
  • Recognize attributes of objects through matching and sorting activities
  • Develop number and spatial concepts through manipulatives and puzzles
  • Learn to follow simple directions in sequence
  • Develop a sense of respect for others, for property and for themselves
  • Develop cognitive skills through simple problem solving activities, guessing games and use of imagination  



Four year old children (born 9/2/17- 9/1/18) will learn valuable social skills through structured “play” activities. Kindergarten readiness will be developed through age-appropriate instruction in literacy and pre-academics. The children will:    

  • Identify and write their own name
  • Recite common nursery rhymes
  • Begin to recognize words that rhyme
  • Recite the days of the week and the months of the year
  • Develop phonemic awareness by naming letters of the alphabet, their sounds and beginning word sounds
  • Engage in various pre-writing activities
  • Develop math skills by identifying numbers, counting both in sequence and through one-to-one correspondence, and estimating
  • Identify and construct patterns
  • Explore various properties of science and investigating, making predictions, and drawing conclusions
  • Be able to sequence events and arrange objects in order
  • Determine how objects are alike and identify opposites
  • Be able to listen and follow three step directions            
Our Center

The Children’s Center is a mission of the Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church  and located on the church's grounds.  We provide wholesome learning and a growing environment enriched with Christian Values.

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7:00 am to 6:00 pm
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