Our school

Clayton Valley Presbyterian Children's Center was founded in 1985 for the purpose of providing affordable, high quality child care for the families of Clayton and surrounding communities. Our teacher/student ratio remains at 1 to 6 which enables the staff to provide special attention to the individual developmental needs of each student.  

Our Philosophy

We believe that play is the work of childhood. At Clayton Valley Presbyterian Children’s Center, children are nurtured through an approach that emphasizes curiosity, creativity, and hands-on learning utilizing a true play-based philosophy. This offers children the well-rounded experience and skill set needed for their future academic success. We adhere to research driven data that shows that children learn best through play. Children are born ready and eager to play and learn. They love to explore and experiment.Play is self-directed, and intrinsically motivated. It is meaningful to the child. Through play, brain pathways are formed, learning is constant.

Our Center is welcoming to all children and families regardless of race, class, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability and disability, language, national origin, indigenous heritage, and religion, for all activities and programs offered at the Children’s Center.

We emphasize social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive development. We incorporate music, art, math, reading, science, fine and gross motor activities in our daily play based curriculum.

It is our goal to provide experiences that encourage growth, development, self-confidence and a love of lifelong learning in children.

Our environment is child centered. Our environment is designed and maintained to meet the needs of the children. There is plenty of room outside to run, jump, climb, and ride bikes, as well as areas for quieter, more contemplative play. Our children’s bathrooms are adapted for ease of use and promote independent self-care.



How To Reach Us


7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday.

Please call or email us to schedule an appointment to visit the Children’s Center


Phone: 925.672.0882
E-mail: kbuchholzcvpcc@gmail.com


Our Center

The Children’s Center is a mission of the Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church  and located on the church's grounds.  We provide wholesome learning and a growing environment enriched with Christian Values.

Our Hours


7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Monday through Friday.


Email kbuchholzcvpcc@gmail.com