The purpose of the trip was to help rebuild homes for families who were affected by Hurricane Katrina and to build new construction in communities that are suffering from blight in New Orleans. Volunteers from Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church joined the First Presbyterian Church, San Anselmo, in conjunction with Project Homecoming which is is a faith-based community development organization.  

The first set of pictures show the destruction, the second set are the work crew and their work, the third set is the dedication, and the final set shows some of the villages provided by Project Homecoming which managed the project.

Hurricane Katrina damaged house

Damaged House on the left

Gaping Hole in House from the hurricane

Damaged House

Damages on the left of the house

Collapsed House

Staff introductions

Breakfast on the first day

Work crew gathers on the first day

Working on house on Tennessee Street

Work in progress

Volunteers hammering away

Building the walls

Digging holes for the foundation

Driving in nails with a nail gun

Walls begin to form

Rooms take shape

Rooms with supplies

Getting ready for the dedication

Waiting for the new owner

Work crews watch the dedication

Project Homecoming Villages

One of the Villages where work crew stayed

Another of the Villages for the work crew

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